“Found the course very valuable and I have advertised the course on the PUB programmes website (www.pub.ac.za).”

Dr. Manjusha Sunil, PhD, Programme Head, Public Understanding of Biotechnology (From Science to Business)

“The course was informative, relevant and useful and often pointed out areas of my own management style which needed attention. Much of the information in the course was vital to understanding how projects and project teams function. The knowledge and techniques I gained will be indispensable in my future as a scientist, managing my own projects and the projects of my team.”

Gregory Bowden, MSc, Chemistry, University of Cape Town (Biopharma Research Management Training)

"This course offers a unique opportunity for scientists who are looking to broaden their understanding of business management and finance. Through the use of Webinars, students are able to attend lectures with the greatest of ease. This course offers great course content and course convenors and in the end you will have the makings of an innovative bio-entrepreneur."

Diederik Hills, MSc (cum laude),Chemistry, University of Cape Town (From Science to Business)

"The course offers scientists the opportunity to start thinking out of the box and understanding how to create a business from science."

Dr. Carmen de Kock, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow Clinical Pharmacology (From Molecule to Market)