Every day we make decisions. Some decisions are relatively straight- forward and simple whilst others are quite complex. Simple decisions usually require a simple decision-making process. Difficult decisions typically involve issues like: uncertainty, complexity, high-risk consequences, alternatives and interpersonal issues.

The best way to make a complex decision is to use an effective process. In this course you will learn how to:

  • choose what to change
  • work out the relative importance of different options
  • make a choice taking into account many factors
  • weigh the pros and cons of a decision
  • analyse the pressures for and against change
  • look at a decision from different perspectives
  • understand options better by brainstorming questions
  • make better group decisions
  • evaluate if a decision makes financial sense
  • analyse whether an idea is financially viable
  • choose by valuing different options

Learning Method: Workshop

Course Duration:  1 Day

Assessment Method: None

Course Fees: R 1 360.00



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