XCell Academy forms associations with leading institutions locally and internationally to provide you with the best educational value for success. 


Why are our courses unique? 

It is a fact that to carry out every day duties and successfully fulfill responsibilities at the workplace requires the power of the brain. Even with today‚Äôs technological advances at the workplace, the power of human brain capacity cannot be underestimated.

Our courses are uniquely designed by a team led by a neuroscientist, to give powerful and innovative training that leads to optimal learning and positive behavioural changes at the workplace.

We take a multi-dimensional approach to translate the theoretical aspects of the course into easily implementable and practical skills that can be applied every day.

XCell Academy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of XCell Group Ventures(Pty) Ltd and is a Level 3 BEE contributor-110% BBBEE Recognition level.


We are proud to be associated with these leading institutions.